• Don Gillman, Director

    Letter from the Director

    Dear Student and Parent:


    The faculty and staff at the Applied Technology welcome you as members of our school community. At ATC we are committed to providing a safe and orderly learning environment specifically designed to prepare our students with knowledge, skills, and experiences in career-based technology programs.

    The enclosed documentation and correspondence is intended to provide information related to frequently asked questions regarding operating policies and procedures at ATC. Students and parents who familiarize themselves with the contents generally encounter few situations during the school year with which they are unfamiliar. It is important to us that your educational experience at ATC is filled with successful experiences. Should you encounter any situations that are not covered in this information, please seek the advice of a teacher or administrator. At ATC we serve students from Rock Hill, Northwestern and South Pointe high schools. Every effort is made to comply with their policies and procedures regarding student attendance, dress, and code of conduct. However, due to the nature of most of our programs adjustments to the dress policy may be necessary for some students.

    Opportunities abound at ATC, and the students who take full advantage of these learning experiences are more likely to have an advantage when they continue their education after high school or go directly into the workplace. Much investment of time and resources go into educating each of our students; therefore, in order for students to capitalize on that investment they must attend regularly, be on time, come to school prepared, and give their best effort daily. At ATC, we consider students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators as partners in the student’s overall educational experience. As partners in the process it is imperative that lines of communication remain open, and that we are all diligent in that regard.

    I encourage every parent to make a conscious effort to contact the teachers of their child(ren) early in the school year. Parents are invited to visit our school, and assist in our efforts by volunteering their time. If you do wish to volunteer, or find out more about what is involved, please contact us at 981-1100. Any involvement of parents as volunteers is greatly appreciated, and does so much to help us achieve the goals of our school. We are looking forward to another terrific year at ATC. By working together we can make this the very best school year for you and your child.


    Don Gillman Director